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Why You Can Make A Month Or More With A Network Marketing Internet Business

Why don't more people make money in network marketing? Thousands of people have joined various network marketing companies over the years and have never made a penny. Why is that? The biggest reason people join a network marketing company is the excitement they feel at that exact moment thinking they can change something in their life. Maybe I can be rich, quit my job, make $200 a month extra so I can help my spouse pay the bills, and so on. They almost always know why they want to make more money and a network marketing business makes it easy to get started.

Then it begins to set in. I don't know how to sell something, I don't know how to talk to people, why would someone want to join my business. Negative thoughts stop most people from even trying and that is sad. But here is what I have found.

The internet has changed that. Nobody knows your present situation. How much money you make, the color of your skin, your age, your sex, where you live. You have to do one thing every week and that is promote your business.

And you can do that without even talking to one person if you don't want to. Do you want to make and extra $200 a month or more? Here's how! 1. Join a network marketing internet business that has an internet based product.

This could be anything that provides instant access and doesn't have to be shipped such as memberships in a club, infomation products, health benefits card, shopping card etc. 2. Promote a product that you get paid over and over for one sale.

If you make $10 a month on a sale then you only need 20 sales to make $200 a month over and over 3. Recruit 3 people to join your business. If you make $4 a month on their sales if they make 20 sales you are making $240. This is called an override. Having your own sales force working to make you money is a great thing.

4. Combine a few sales of your own with a few sales by your recruits and you can easily make $200-$500 a month over and over. Do the work once and get paid every month after that. This is especially true with real products that fill a real need.

So what would stop you? - You don't have any money to get started. That will never change. You need to set a goal to save $100 to invest in starting your own business. Doing this will provide a mindset that you are going to do whatever it takes. - You don't know how to use the internet.

Every network marketing internet business I have ever seen provides training on how to use the internet for sales and marketing. Master a few basics and you are on your way! - You can't get started because you are to busy. That is a lame excuse. The most successful people never use time as an excuse and neither should you.

Besides what you are going to find with your own network marketing business is that there is a powerful concept called duplication. You may only have 10 hours a week to work, but you recruit a partner who has 20 hours a week to work. Since they are in business with you your business is being worked 30 hours that week. When you grasp this concept you will never use time as an excuse again. If you need or want to make and extra $200 a month, or more, the best time to start is not when everything is perfect in your life.

The best time to start is now.

Jeff Schuman helps people start their own network marketing internet business. Go here for free network marketing training, and tips:

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