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Use Luck to Grow Your Business

Maybe you're wondering, if a lucky mindset is so beneficial, why doesn't everyone use it? Unfortunately, we learn how to ignore our intuition and luck. Here's a way to get it back. Now when I say luck, I don't mean pure chance. We really don't have control over totally random events like throwing dice or winning the lottery.

Sorry. But the good news is that we do have some influence over whether we see really great opportunities. Lucky opportunities.

The fact is you can become good at serendipity. There is a lucky mindset. Are you ready to hear what it is???? (By the way, if you want to get the complete Interactive ebook, click on to the website shown in the author's information section. And you can download your copy for F*R*E*E. It will be on sale next month, so get it now while it's f*ree).

In any event-if you're lucky this is what you'll believe (at least a little bit.) 1. You'll believe in the power of the subconscious mind, or some other "sixth" sense. For example, if you're frustrated because there are so many obstacles in your path, instead of getting consumed you take a leap of faith.

You believe that another door must open AND you will be able to see it. Believe you have the power to see a solution and you will! I know it sounds hokey, or overly simple but this is what happens. Have you ever lost something? You tear up your house looking for it. But when you stop, relax, sleep, or meditate, you manage to put your hand on it right away? Well, if you haven't had this experience-try it. I always find my keys now, AND I also find remarkable solutions and ways to grow my business.

2. You won't be too attached to any one particular outcome. Indulging in a couple of passions can keep you open and able to see possibilities. Obsessing about one particular outcome can make your vision cloudy.

It's the game show effect. If you're new to competing on game shows, you might find yourself up on stage completely blank. All the correct answers you had while sitting in the comfort of your living room are no where to be found. This happens precisely because you WANT the right answers so badly! Back in your living room it didn't matter.

Well, the same applies to business goals. If you are desperate, it will be hard to take advantage of all the thousands of possibilities out there. You will simply be too nervous to see the answers to whatever you want.

On the other hand, if you are having fun, if you are diversified, you will be able to see all kinds of options. 3. Expect miracles, prepare for the probable. I cannot tell you how much this mindset has helped me. Let me give you an example. The other day I was scheduled to give a talk to an entrepreneurial group of women complete with a slide show presentation.

Only problem was, our multimedia projector still hadn't come (it was due a whole week earlier) and it was the night before the presentation. I decided to go to my husband's office and just brainstorm with him. I was prepared to drive all the way down to Fry's to buy yet another media projector. As I got off the elevator in the semi darkness and started walking down the hallway, I saw a nice couple, and I asked them if they had a multimedia projector they could loan me.

They were complete strangers to me. But they had seen my husband who had the office across the hall, and so they said, YES! That to me was a mini miracle. So now I expect miracles to pop up, even though I don't know when or what they will look like. But I always prepare for what is probable.

I hope these strategies have helped you, and if you want the entire guide to being lucky, Stumble into Luck, just click the link in the author information section.

Dr. Lauren's wisdom as coach, speaker, and writer has been featured in REDBOOK, FIRST FOR WOMEN, and FITNESS magazines. To learn more about how Dr. Lauren can help you use intuition and luck to grow your business, please click here

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