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If Your MLM Doesnt Contain These Quality Features QUIT NOW

I've been involved with several network marketing companies and found that all of them seemed like the best opportunity in the entire world and I couldn't figure out why people wouldn't want to dive right in just like me. I mean the product was phenominal, the compensation plan was second to none, and the person introducing it made it seem like the easiest thing ever. So, thousands of dollars later, why am I still broke working at a job I hate? The answer is simple. Robert Kiyosaki, in his book with Donald Trump, "Why We Want You To Be Rich", he clearly states, "I would focus less on the products or the compensation plans and more on the education and personal development program the company offers.

" I was doing the exact opposite. Boasting on the unique qualities of the product and the fortune one can make by doing the same landed me in a state of a pushy salesman with no chance of creating a long-lasting downline. Let's face it.

Most people hate selling stuff and can't handle rejection. No wonder 97% of people fail in Multi-level Marketing. Outside of H.U.T.

O. (Huge expanding market - Unique product - Timing is right - Others helping others), there are a few essential qualities your business MUST have to ensure inevitable success. 1. Must provide step-by-step training: People are used to working corparate jobs where they're trained step-by-step what to do.

Without this, it's impossible to grow quickly. Same for network marketing. Step-by-step training creates longevity because it's easy to teach to others.

Most networks provide personal development tools but lack the everyday step-by-step process needed to become successful. People need to be told exactly what to do. 2. Must have a system that's simple and easily duplicatable: The more turn-key your business, the deeper it will grow and longer it will last. You only get one chance to present your opportunity to most people and if they get the impression that it's complicated and impossible to make money instantly, they'll never give it another chance. There's no easier way of promoting your business than on the internet.

It eliminates the no's and targets only those interested in your business. Selling to friends and family and weekly hotel meetings are a thing of the past. Why do that when you have the entire world to market your business to. Im not saying you can't become successful that way.

It's just a lot tougher and a lot slower. 3. Must be affordable. The idea of spending large amounts of money up front into an opportunity may seem a bit risky to most people. True, some are more abundant then others and will invest in anything if it sounds good, but we're talking majority of people. People join opportunities because they need but don't have much money.

I've invested hundreds a month into networks and had no problem even if I didn't never broke even. I saw it as an investment. Most people, however, aren't risk-takers like me and don't have a couple hundred every month to put aside for business. Again, it's not impossible but the more affordable the monthly auto-ship the more attractive your business becomes to others, especially if there's a free trial offered with a money-back guarantee.

What do you have to lose? 4. Must have credible and successful leadership. Every championship team in sports has a great coaching staff. The coach has seen and done it all. Learning from his mistakes is key. Being in business with the right people with a proven track record will knock years off your quest to success.

Not only that, but imagine investing a heap of money into a company to find out later they're going out of business. This happens all the time and it is a result of poor management. It's all about being in the right place at the right time, but more important being with the right people.

Craig Blunt Jr. is an Internet Business Expert who at a young age created online wealth using the fastest, most turn-key online system ever created. Click here to know how he did it

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