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How To Increase Retention In Your MLM Downline

Anyone who has recruited more than a couple of people into their network marketing business has experienced a lack of retention. While you are recruiting a new partner for your mlm business 2 others are dropping out. Obviously, this is frustrating.

It is even more frustrating to see people leaving faster than you can recruit them. What can you do to build a network marketing downline that becomes more stable? Too often we are so caught up in recruiting a new mlm downline that we forget about the downline we already have. We focus all of our energies on the toughest part of building the business which is recruiting.

Yet we forget to take action on the easiest part: Follow-up customer service. While follow-up customer service may seem difficult to get to sometimes, it is extremely important for future growth and improving your retention rates. The number of people in the downline who drop out should not be dropping out like they are.

Your goal should be to improve the retention rate within your own team and to make your customer service to your downline a priority. It is far more difficult to recruit new people than it is to follow-up and follow-through with those you already have. Below are seven things you MUST do to increase the chances of keeping your network marketing business with a full and profitable downline. 1. Implement a customer service policy.

If you truly want to build a solid and profitable network marketing business, you need to provide service and follow-up to your downline. 2. Follow-up is following-through. You must follow-up with your new downline within one week.

Call them within one week of to see if they are using the products and if they have any questions you can answer. 3. Staying in contact shows you care.

Building a successful downline for your network marketing business is all about building relationships. 4. Anticipate the needs of your downline. By staying in contact, you can anticipate or stay ahead of your their needs. As someone who is successful yourself you know what they are going to thru and will go through to build their business. 5.

Keep records on your downline. Jot down notes on your converstaions for future follow-up. 6. Work closely and be supportive. No one is guaranteed success. However, you will be amazed at how high of a success rate you will have with those you personally sponsor when you work closely with them and are supportive of their efforts.

7. Create intimacy with your downline. Show them you are not just in it to get their money. If you provide value through concern for them as a person and deliver quality customer service in every way possible, you will find your downline will be there for the long term. In summary make follow-up and customer service with your network marketing mlm downline a priority. This is the key to higher retention and increased income for you and them in the future.

Jeff Schuman helps people start their own network marketing business. For free network marketing training, tips, and opportunities check out his website here:

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