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A School Consolidation Loan Can Actually Improve Your Credit Rating

It's common knowledge that college is expensive, plain and simple. In fact, most families are not able to send young ones off to college without taking some sort of loan. A typical student will take, on average, between four and eight loans from both Federal and Private sources throughout their time spent pursuing post-secondary education. To get a loan with the lowest interest rate and with the credit amount you need, a creditor will take into account your credit rating, also known as a credit score. The determining factors of your individual credit score includes such things as: the number of creditors you have, what you owe to them, how long you've been in debt to them, if you make your minimum monthly payments and the particular variety of credit (such as a revolving line of credit or a mortgage) you currently have in your name.

Maintaining a good credit score is important if you wish to apply for other credit later in life. You will need to take more loans in order to obtain expensive things like real estate or a car. A school-consolidation loan can help you improve your credit score, which makes your likelihood of obtaining credit in the future a lot better. If several different loans appear on your credit report, in all probability, you'll have a fairly low credit score. Another thing that can result in a poor credit score is not paying anything towards your loan.

This is particularly true for students who don't usually even begin to pay back their loans until after they've completed they're education and secured a job. Having several different student loans without paying them for two or four years while you're still in school really does adversely affect your credit score. Just because you've made arrangements to only pay back the loan after you're done school doesn't matter to the computers that determine your credit score. All they'll pick up is that you've had a bunch of loans for several years and haven't paid a dime towards them.

A great way to get your credit rating back up to where it should be after you've finished school is by getting a school-consolidation loan. Essentially, with a school-consolidation loan, you'll be able to pay back all of your original loans and only have to pay this single new school-consolidation loan. Consolidating your debt instantly reduces the number of creditors you have and shows that you've been able to pay back all of your loans. A school-consolidation loan can cover all of the loans you've taken or just the ones you choose.

This would be helpful if you've received a student loan at an interest rate lower than what a school-consolidation loan can offer. There are both private and federal school-consolidation loans available and each has it's own specific application requirements. Private student loans can be paid with the private school-consolidation loan. If you take this kind of loan, you can even include your outstanding credit card balances in the list of creditors to be paid off. To obtain a federal loan, your current student loans need to be completely disbursed.

All consolidation loans can only be given if your debt is $10,000 or greater and only when you're no longer attending school. Summary: Your credit rating is one of those things that can either haunt you or help you for the rest of your life. If you have multiple student loans that make maintaining your good credit score difficult, a school-consolidation loan can help you by combining all of your student loans into one, easy to manage loan.

Brooke Hayles
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